So much more than a word I made up.  It explains all that I am and it’s the only box I’ll ever allow anyone to put me in.  I am the embodiment of duality.  Mulitidimensional Soul, this blog is named after me, everything that I am and the only thing I aspire to be!

It’s always been baffling to me to watch people decide what others can and can’t do.  Great example, Snoop put out a gospel album and then was seen smoking marijuana.  All of a sudden his album was fake and he was somehow wrong.  How?  He didn’t say he wasn’t going to smoke anymore since making the album.  He didn’t say he was “saved” all the sudden and who said being saved means you can’t smoke marijuana.  He simply wanted to create a collection of love songs and dedicate it to y’alls savior.  And he is free to do so because…sinners have a soul too, per The Color Purple.

I understand how using the technique of association helps as it pertains to how one remembers things or learns things or bridges the gap between two things.  But why do we associate gospel songs to someone automatically being saved?  Why does marijuana mean you aren’t saved?

People generally put others in boxes with labels never considering that there could be more layers to a person. Then have the audacity to get upset and label them confused when one doesn’t fit into the box they were placed.  Neglecting the fact that they didn’t ask to be placed into a box at all.  They just want to be themselves, their multidimensional selves.

Taking myself for example because obviously that’s the subject I know best.  We are all aware that I do not subscribe to religion but just because I don’t does not mean I’m atheist.  Just because I do not believe in God in the capacity in which you do, does not mean I believe in Satan (he doesn’t exist either).  Just because I believe in manifesting my dreams, calling upon my ancestors, using crystals as a source of energy and healing, and practice rituals does not mean I’m a witch (or am I 👀)?!

Just because I burn sage to cleanse my space of negativity does not mean my energy is always positive. It also does not mean I don’t burn it listening to the sounds of the ocean, hell sometimes I burn sage to trap music LOL.  Yes, I meditate, do yoga and make sure my chakras are in alignment but that does not mean I don’t get upset.  And while, most days I operate with karma at the forefront and I’m all about happiness and healing everyday isn’t the same lul baby.  I’m not always walking in the shoes of my higher self, some days I’m just mean ass Courtney and I’m completely with the shits!!!!!!!!!!! 🤷🏽‍♀️

I listen to 528 Hz or 432 Hz music (google it) but also understand when Cash Money Records take over for the 99 and 2000 I’m the littest one in formation, OKUUUURRRRRRT! [It’s really the theme music to my life lol].

I’m really saying all this because people are so disappointed when someone does something they don’t think is “fitting” without realizing they don’t get to determine what’s fitting for someone else.  They never told you to define who they could and couldn’t be.  Everyone asking people to let them live yet no one wants to let the next person live.  Y’all funny.

Why can’t one be “woke” (hate the term by the way, y’all suck the true meaning out of everything) and watch Friends or listen to trap music that calls women bitches and hoes while using the term nigga.  Liking Friends doesn’t mean one doesn’t like Girlfriends.  Loving Tupac “Hit ’em Up” doesn’t mean one doesn’t like Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.

And the way y’all talk about folks with degrees, smh.  Y’all hold them to a higher regard and when they do some regular smegular ass shit, here y’all go, “why so and so acting like that, you’d think they’d know better since they have a degree”.  Degree doesn’t mean one isn’t human.  It simply means they are teachable.  A degree does not mean one can’t be engaged in illegal activity.  Who saids you can’t work in corporate America by day and pop pussy by night?  NOBODY!!! #Duality

People are allowed to be them completely, unconditionally and unapologetically.  Ease up and allow people to bask in the divinity in which they are.  Understand that humans in general are made to be multidimensional.

A black woman with a face full of make up and a blonde wig isn’t any less conscious than the woman without make up wearing a dashiki.

Snoop doesn’t love God any less than Fred Hammond because he’s a gangster rapper that made a gospel album while smoking marijuana.

A human at peace living a balanced life isn’t any less prone to knocking your ass out than any human in those horrible ass fight videos y’all share on Facebook.

Be flexible.  Be a chameleon. Be free. Practice duality.  BE MULTIDIMENSIONAL! ✨💫


Until Next Time…

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