Dear Employers,

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First things first, being my employer does NOT make you superior. You are human just like me so treat me how you want to be treated. PERIOD! Do not think you will get a pass on being disrespectful and then still demand respect from me, I’m here to assure you that isn’t how it works. So with all due respect sir, ma’am, FUCK YOU!  Do not ask questions or make statements if you are not prepared for my answer and/or response. Quite honestly I do not give a damn about your title or your accolades. They don’t make you any more human than I nor does it put you on a pedestal.  The golden rule still applies.

Secondly understand that my happiness does not begin or end with this gig. Whatever happens here will be left right here until I return. Nothing will follow me outside those doors. You don’t have that type of power and I’m sure you don’t pay me anything close to an amount that would require work to follow me home. Not that I can be bought anyway. Isn’t it funny how managers give their lives for jobs and expect you to do the same? They expect you to be willing to give them all you got only to replace you at the drop of a dime. Nah my g, you signed up to give this place ya life. Not me. I’ma give you what I’ve set aside to give you then I’m going home to LIVE and put time into the things I want to cultivate for me and my family’s future.

My life is NOT centered around your establishment. Under no circumstance am I obligated to come in early or stay late, so if you ask me I can say no.  Better hope I’m feeling like overtime when you ask! I don’t have to prove anything to you. The proof was in your decision to hire me. Pay close attention to the next series of statements, they’re VERY important.  When I am putting in request for days offs, shift swaps or to simply come in later or get off earlier, understand that I am NOT asking for your permission. I am simply letting you know that something has come up that I intend to handle. Your decision to decline does not mean I will be at your establishment at said time. Also, I make my intent very clear when interviewing. Pay attention to the questions I ask I promise I didn’t blind-side you.

YOU ARE MY EMPLOYER, NOT MY FRIEND! I am not obligated to make small talk or tell you anything regarding my personal life. My business aint yo business!!! Your only business with me is to pay me for the time in which I perform the duties we agreed upon. I am not obligated to participate in potlucks BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW Y’ALL ASSES, BUT I’VE SEEN THE BREAK ROOM AND LADIES BATHROOM! #OleNastyAsses – No, I don’t wanna go for drinks after work nor do I want to work out and I don’t give a damn about lil johnny’s baseball game… k!  Also, let’s NOT work together on a project.  I know I said I was a team player and I am… I mean I can be, but I PREFER to work alone!

I don’t do in office gossip so you can skip me when passing along news. You can also skip me when passing around birthday cards too because my “Happy Birthday” isn’t genuine. I pride myself on saying exactly what I mean and meaning what I say. I was also taught if you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say nothing at all. Take heed to my silence, it aint because I’m shy!!! Also don’t be naïve and think silence = weakness. Trust me between what you’ve said and how you move I’ve gathered all I need to know. Especially if you didn’t feel good to begin with, yes I’m that type of person (a feeler) ion fuck with what doesn’t feel good.

Management, understand that your job title as “manager” or “supervisor” only means someone else within the company trusts that you know your job. In most cases they are completely clueless to the type of person you are or if you will be able to teach others appropriately. There is a certain level of understanding, approachability, trustworthiness, and attitude you must possess to make you a “good” manager/supervisor. Let me just say the good ones I’ve had I remember and appreciate but them BAD ones stand out way more. I’m certain I offered a few of them a fade. Do not take a job that you cannot fulfill. Be realistic. Know yourself. And sit your ass down and stay in general population lol. Not having those character traits along with added stress the business will put on you as a manager/supervisor you are sure to have teams with low moral because your personality is trash and you can’t handle the pressure. Save yourself.

DO NOT TAKE MY RESIGNATION PERSONAL! Jobs come a dime a dozen bruh. I’m an avid learner and love new experiences. I’m far too free spirited to settle and too curious to be content. Everyday employers put their business needs first. Everyday I will put me first. Do not proceed to treat me differently once that notice is in because a FUCK IT aint too far behind, don’t fucking push it!!! Also I like exit interviews, let’s schedule one. FYI once I’ve left be sure you know the law in regards to what you can and can’t say about me. I’m not opposed to slapping a law suite on yo ass!

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Dear Employers,

  1. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch! All. Of. This. I can’t wait for my exit interview next week!!!

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  2. I wanna hear alllllllll about it too 😂


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