Black in the Military.


Often I’m asked how I feel about my partner in reference to her serving this country. *insert deep long negro sigh here* I don’t particularly like it but not just because it’s her. I don’t like it for any of my people. I’m extremely appreciative of her (and all other people of color) for their selflessness and service. On the other hand, I wish her and all other people of color would get out, stop re-enlisting and be done with the Military all together.

How dare they risk their lives under a commander in chief that doesn’t even respect them. Constantly speaking as if they are all undeserving and less than. My people risk their lives for this country, sacrifice time away from their families for a country who’s law enforcement will gun them down for NO reason then go home and go to sleep. No convictions, no remorse.

How dare they have to stand and recite or hell even acknowledge the national anthem or the pledge that isn’t inclusive to them. To salute a flag and risk it all for a country that was built solely on our ancestors blood, sweat and tears. Tuh! You got me fucked all the way up. I think about how hard we had to fight to first be treated like humans, then be given the same opportunities as humans, and move on to fight to be able to enlist in the service because although this country ain’t ever been shit to us we wanted the opportunity. In my opinion the opportunity just isn’t worth it. And I laugh because I remember a time when I wanted to “do my part” so thankful for these tattoos that have me out of “regulation”.

Now don’t think I’m talking down to anyone that is serving, I’m not. I understand that lives have been built around your service. For some of you it’s a career and you love that shit, smh. For others it’s a temporary means to help get to the bigger picture. I just always wonder if any of my people currently serving ever look at things from my point of view. And I’m laughing because I know a few that would be like nah, I love the service. But I also know hands down those are the same ones that watched football all season and they probably haven’t made it a priority to go see #BlackPanther either (there’s definitely a correlation). But seriously do you think about it, because there have been both active duty and veterans to be gunned down by police … you know I actually stopped typing to get stats for y’all, only to realize y’all grown af! USE YOUR OWN GOOGLE!


At any rate for me the lack of respect is so flamboyant and blatant it’s disgusting. We have to be thankful to make it out alive after being pulled over. Cheeto Man speaks bullshit daily with all his divide and conquer tactics so it’s just mind blowing to me that my people that are in the Military are still wanting to make careers out of it. Why not utilize all the opportunities that they do afford you (which isn’t enough in my opinion) and set yourself up for civilian life. It’s said that you all risk your life for our freedom, but how free are we really? And by we I mean us, African Americans. Caucasians are not included, we are well aware of their privilege and freedom. Being in the Military if you’re black doesn’t put you in any special category you are not exempt so….. why?

And I don’t want to sound insensitive because some of you may have always wanted to enlist or are following in someone else’s footsteps, but even still there should be some type of thought in the back of your mind. What I’m saying should not be the first time you think of this, and if it is read this daily. This country caters to Caucasians, especially the Caucasian male let them fight for it. No one is killing them without conviction. Their commander in chief is here for them (well the rich ones because not even he is acknowledging the poor ones which includes those living paycheck to paycheck while serving).

I’m aware that the way I feel and wanting all African Americans to get out of the Military is unrealistic but I would like to express how proud I am of those that have. I know a few and the courage it takes to leave that lifestyle for the sake of standing up for what you believe is amazing. Everyone else still I encourage you to do your best as a Soldier, find out about any program that is offered that may be beneficial to you, your spouse and your children. Rack up your percentages. Make sure your credit is in tact so you can use that VA loan for your home. Go to school; use your school funding to get a trade. Set yourself and your family up so when you do walk away, you and yours are still good. Set it up so you don’t miss it and you don’t need it. Make sure whoever is on your team is strong enough to withstand what comes with the territory of being your support system. Support systems, speak life into them as they put on those uniforms everyday. Listen even if you’re clueless. Be there for pinning ceremonies and re-enlistments. Tag along to mandatory FRG meetings. Give them the support they need because being black in the military isn’t any easier then being a black civilian.

At the end of the day regardless to how I feel overall, I understand what my woman’s duty is. I support and uplift her. Whatever I can do to help her I do it. But I’ll be damn if she isn’t working toward a goal to get the fuck up out of there. Every Sunday when I’m ironing her uniform I think about how when this chapter is behind us, I’m donating ALL THAT SHIT! LOL And if we decide to embark upon motherhood I’m going to do everything in my power to make for damn sure my babies get as far away from enlisting as possible. That’s one job I’ll gladly hand over to the “white man”.

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