Erotica or nah?


Come, take an adventure with me…

It’s 7:04 am and my alarm is blaring.  I sit up to cut it off and I feel something wet and warm on my leg, confused I throw the covers off and the bed is soaked.  I didn’t masturbate last night… perplexed I get up to change the sheets and the smell of pussy and sex overwhelms me and triggers a memory…. It’s lady’s night at The Honey Pot and for the first time I’m a part of the masses. I’m alone at the bar vibing to the music when a familiar face approaches. “Hey beautiful”, Mrs. Rich spoke to me.  I sold her and her husband their house four months ago. “Hello Ericka, how are you?” I asked.  Pulling me to the dance floor she whispers fine.  I immediately pull away and tell her this is unprofessional. She wouldn’t let go and I can feel her hips grinding up against my ass.  At this point I’m not sure I want her to stop.  She kissed my neck gently and told me I was in good hands.  We danced like we were making love.  She kept the drinks coming, her hips swaying and her lips all over me. Ericka then whispered, “you’re coming home with me”; she placed her finger on my lips and told me not to worry about Andre (her husband).  I obliged.

We pull up at their home and immediately I panic, “at your home”, I squeal (all the while following her hormones leading the way).  Once inside I’m guided downstairs, she pours me another drink and begins to take my clothes off.  Pulling the straps of my dress down with her teeth.  And with her hands she pulls my dress off from the bottom and I’m standing there naked in heels.  She unties my bun and my curls come cascading down, I’m led to the bed where she blindfolds me.  She lays me down and I feel her lips softly kissing my body, my insides are in uproar, it’s been months and I FUCKING DESERVE THIS.  I’m the boss she whispers and without a question I nod.  I feel her kisses move down my abdomen toward my pussy, I start to move anxiously.  FUCK! I sigh as I feel the coldness of the ice and her tongue on my clit.  The pressure is so intense she’s devouring my pussy, like French kissing my shit. GAWD! She moves the ice to my ass, I let out the loudest moan while pulling her hair.  Ericka I moan… Ericka it escaped my lips a second time as cum explodes in her mouth.  I feel her stop and her body moves upward toward me, she brings her face to mine and I begin to lick and suck on her face cleaning up every bit of me from her face.  Then I feel it, her warm wet pussy on mine. I let out the most pleasure filled gasp, almost a sigh of relief she feels so good to me.  She’s sitting diagonally on my pussy holding my right leg in front of her, the perfect angle I can feel her clit against mine. I can’t begin to describe how amazing she feels.  I’ve never felt a woman feel this good, this wet. I moan, my eyes rolling in the back of my head, biting my lips.  She begins to grind her pussy on mine, riding me, she lifts the blindfold slightly, revealing the perfect arch in her back as she moves back and forth.  Her ass bouncing as she rides me harder, more passionately.  She begins to play with my nipples and her moans begin to match mine.  I can feel the fullness of her clit as she grinds faster, moaning louder, digging her nails into my skin harder, breathing heavily… we cum in unison.

Mind if we have a guest she whispers, I shake my head no, still high from the orgasm. I feel another person in our presence; she removes the blindfold, its Andre.  Admiring my body, he begins kissing his wife. He sucked her bottom lip and as he let go, he licked his lips and asked if he could taste me.  Before I could respond his face was buried in my pussy and my blind fold was back on.  This is the first man that’s eaten my pussy in years.  Not forgetting a single part of me, he flips me over and continues to feast starting with my ass working his way down to my pussy.  His tongue is long stroking from pussy to ass and back again.  He lifts me by my stomach putting me in the doggy style position, I sink my breast into the bed, I gasp as he enters my pussy both warm…and raw. THE GASP!  His entrance into the depths of my walls feels nothing short of amazing.  He begins thrusting his dick in and out of my pussy angrily, pulling my hair, holding me by the arms.  I moan for him to go deeper… harder… faster… moans of ecstasy. I live for this savage shit. Throwing my ass back with the same aggression. Baby you gon work! Suddenly, I feel cold vibrations on my nipples, Ericka has put nipple clamps on me, the nipple stimulation is making me wetter and I’m cuming, the prettiest cream shots all over his dick.  Ericka turns up the speed of the nipple clamps and begins to massage my clit; Andre is smacking my ass giving me all of him in every thrust.  I’m moaning loudly, saying both their names. Loving that all of this is all about me, the intensity this has got to be what heaven feels like. My moans get louder as I begin to cum again. FUCK, FUCK (my favorite word while fucking apparently).  I feel Ericka’s mouth on my pussy tasting me once more.  Andre comes out and my pussy is throbbing, I feel a wet liquid on my ass, its lube.  Ericka slides up under me, we’re face to face, I can feel her breath.  I feel a dildo slide inside my pussy as Andre simultaneously slides in my ass.  The pressure, the pain… It hurts so good.  Ericka begins to suck on my breast, flicking her tongue over my nipples.  Andre is gripping my waistline, there’s no escaping. They’re fucking me like they mean it, the strokes have a rhythm filling me completely.  I’m moaning, moans of blissful joy thanking them.  I feel my legs beginning to shake, my moans are loud and then there are no more moans. Shit is beyond my control, my eyes are rolling in the back of my head, I feel as if I’m panting. The sound of Andre’s balls smacking against me becomes LOUDER. The sound of my wet pussy against the dildo becomes LOUDER.  Andre’s moans are LOUDER.  I suddenly feel the vibrator on the inside of the dildo harness and Ericka’s excitement lets me know she’s preparing to cum too.  I become more aggressive, the thrusts get more intense, from the top of my lungs I begin to moan, legs shaking ridiculously…. I’M CUMING I say out of breath, while squirting everywhere.  The orgasm of my dreams, literally!

Remembering the dream turned me on all over again; I took my sheets off the bed and headed to the shower, this time with my toy…

Until next time


6 thoughts on “Erotica or nah?

  1. D-d-d-d-damnnnnnn!!!
    That’s all I got. Lol. Can’t say anything else but Damn.

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  2. Wow!!!!😳😂😂😂😂

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  3. Grrrrrr fuck… so fucking horny now…

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  4. Fucking read it again… and that first gif makes me horny as fuck too

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