Full Moon & Chill !?


Full Moon & Chill!?  Don’t mind if I do.  I asked myself on a date and accepted.  Full Moons are always special because its ritual time.  Yes, you read correctly, I said ritual.  Full Moon nights are the BEST nights to cleanse, let shit go and set new intentions.

Ever heard someone say, “this full moon is draining me” or “this full moon has me emotional” and wondered what they meant by it?  They are speaking on the power and energy from the moon.  See, some of us are universal beings completely of the earth and are in touch with the divine, so much so that full moons, new moons, retrogrades, anything happening we feel it.  You can research all the ins and outs yourself.  This moon wasn’t as intense as some of the others for me emotionally.  On the contrary this moon had me feeling anxious, excited and motivated.  I’ve never been so ready to bid my girlfriend good-bye after our impromptu date, so I could start loving on myself.

After my shower, I opened the window and the sliding door because I know that’s where Luna and I always meet.  My crystals were ready and waiting to be cleansed by her (YES! Luna – the moon is a woman… #DontDebateMe).  My yoga mat was in position.  Apple Music set to 528 hz radio (google it).  My “let that shit go” list along with a lighter and my sage were all in place.  See, cleansing crystals is like energizing them again, making sure that energy stay poppin!  Yoga mat to help me relax and get into my meditative state.  After mediating for however long (I literally got lost in time) I lit my sage. *clears throat* Now chileeeee if you don’t know about sage you might as well leave now because sage is the FIRST item in the self-love starter pack, stop playing yourself.  I grabbed my “let that shit go” list, lit it and watched it burned, it was gratifying.  I literally LET THAT SHIT GO! Felt damn good too.  Seriously though, I felt like I was shedding a layer of myself that needed to be shedded.  Burning that list was the most important part of my Full Moon & Chill session because there were a few things I needed to see physically being destroyed in order to really let it go.

I stood and sage’d myself while setting my intention by chanting.  I then moved to sage the whole house, casting away negative energies, setting the intention of prosperity, love, peace, and all that good shit! I lit frankincense and myrrh incense to burn along side the sage.  I closed my sliding door, let the window up and lined my crystals in view of Luna.  I sat in the dark with only the light of the moon shinning down on me and affirmed myself over and over and over a-fuckin-gain.  In the words of Tamar Braxton, “If you don’t feel yourself, aint nobody gon feel yourself!”  After that I poured me some red wine, warmed my vape with my cannabis oil and watched luna fall behind the clouds while loving on my newly cleansed crystals.

Full Moon & Chill complete.  Now I can tell you that I normally end Full Moon & Chill with sex; with my partner or just myself  (never underestimate a lit ass masturbation session).  Sex is the one of the most powerful acts when it comes to manifestation.  Arousal and orgasms are the purest forms of creative energy.  Meditate, Masturbate, Manifest, in that order!  Y’all better get in formation!  Some of y’all outchea wasting all your good orgasms on mothafuckas you can’t even manifest with.  I’m telling you, if you understood how powerful sex was you wouldn’t have it with just anybody… but that’s a post for another time.

Until next time…

8 thoughts on “Full Moon & Chill !?

  1. Yasssss!!! I RECEIVE this full moon message, honey! I think I’m about to get sage’d right now!

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  2. Yessssssss now THIS!!! Hunny!! That was good, I appreciated all of that read Chile! The moon was definitely on point this evening! Those 3 M’s important, yes yes yes to all of this manifestation happening in 2018!! 😘

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  3. Yes to all of this!! Loving this abundance of new energy floating around. I can’t wait for this spring energy. Thank you!

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  4. Looovvveeee!!! #SoProud I could feel you over here just with the words!!

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  5. I love all of this! This was definitely a good read to start my morning! 💜🌌

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  6. I love all this! Definitely started my morning with a good read! 💜🌕


  7. Wow, wow. You got me all inspired and what not. Lol. Good stuff.

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